Teaching Team

Biblical Theology

Professor (New Testament)
Dean of Advanced Studies
Associate Professor (New Testament)
Assistant Professor (New Testament)
President Emeritus (New Testament)
Faculty Emeritus (Old Testament)
Overseas Visiting Scholar (Old Testament)
Overseas Visiting Scholar (Jewish Studies)

Systematic Theology

Professor (Systematic Theology, Historical Theology)
Assistant Professor (Church History, Patristics, Musical Aesthetics)
Assistant Professor (Systematic Theology)
Assistant Professor (Church History)
Faculty Emeritus (Church History, Lutheran Studies)
Local Visiting Lecturer (Systematic Theology)

Practical Theology

Associate Professor (Diakonia, Practical Theology)
President, Dean of Studies
Associate Professor (Clinical Psychology & Counseling, Christian Counseling)
Dean of Counseling Studies and Ministry
Director of Companion LeShalom Centre
Assistant Professor (Missiology, Christian Education, Pastoral Theology)
Assistant Professor (Missiology, Contextual Theology, Worship and Liturgy)
Lecturer (Theological Librarianship)
Head Librarian
Lecturer (Worship and Liturgy, Church Music)
Lecturer (Missiology, Religious Education)
Assistant Coordinator of Mekong Ministry
Faculty Emeritus (Worship and Liturgy, Sacred Music)
Faculty Emeritus (Spirituality, Pastoral Theology)
Overseas Visiting Scholar (Pastoral Theology)
Local Visiting Lecturer (Counseling)
Local Visiting Lecturer (Church Administration and Christian Leadership)
Local Visiting Lecturer (Christian Spirituality)
Local Visiting Lecturer (Christian Education, Integrated Studies)
Local Visiting Lecturer (Counseling)
Local Visiting Lecturer (Clinical Psychology and Counseling)
Local Visiting Lecturer (Diakonia)
Overseas Visiting Scholar (Christian Spirituality)
Local Visiting Lecturer (Missiology, Church History)


Lecturer (English)
Director, Regional English Language Institute
Local Visiting Lecturer (Biblical Hebrew)