Dr. Bai, Jun-Xiao Jenny


Assistant Professor (Church History, Patristics, Musical Aesthetics)

Tel: 2684 3285
[email protected]


Ph.D., Tilburg University, the Netherlands, 2017.
M.A. in Theology, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hong Kong, 2012.
M.A. in Musicology, Xi’an Conservatory of Music, China, 2009.
Associate Degree of Music Education, Shaanxi University of Technology, China, 2003.



Member of Western Music Association in China.
Member of Music Aesthetics Association in China.



Assistant Professor, Lutheran Theological Seminary, 2019-.

Selected Publications:

  • “聖奧古斯丁的公義論:對比其倫理和美德與當今的社會公義論” “Comparing Ethics and Virtues of Augustinian Justice with Contemporary Social Justice.” In 《神學論集》Theological Treatises, vol. 218, no. 4 (Winter), 2023,576-603. (Taiwan)
  • St. Augustine’s Cosmological Arguments on Transcendent Beauty.” In International Journal of Sino-Western Studies, Vol. 25 December, 2023, 64-77. (Finland)
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.37819/ijsws.25.1759
  • “The Spectrum of the Divine Order: Beauty, Goodness, and Harmony.” In Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal, vol. 102, no.1, 2019, 1-30. (the U.S.)
  • “Reasonable Measurement and Motion: Numerical Order in the Soul and Music.” In International Journal of Sino-Western Studies, vol. 15, 2018, 27-48. (Finland)
  • “Numbers: Harmonic Ratios and Beauty in Augustinian Musical Cosmology.” In Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, vol. 13, no.3, 2017, 192-217. (Australia)
  • “萬物的美是他們贊美上帝的聲音” “The Beauty of All Things Is in A Manner of Praising God: Augustine on Music and Beauty.” In International Aesthetics 20, ed. Ru Xin. Jiang Su Education Publishing House, 2012, 43-56. (China)
  • “教父時期的音樂與神學的關係初探” “The Relation between Music and Theology in the Age of the Church Fathers,” thesis (56,000 words in Chinese) for Master of Arts and was elected as “Excellent Thesis” by the Academic Committee, Xi’an Conservatory of Music, 2009. In Endless Exploration: Treatises on Music Aesthetics, ed. Luo Yifeng. Shaanxi Publishing Group, 2010, 203-283. (China)
  • “早期教父對新歌與和聲的闡釋” “Early Church Fathers’ Exposition on New Song and Harmony.” In Nanjing Theological Review 78 (March 2009): 16-33. (China)