Dr. Dubbelman, Samuel


Assistant Professor (Church History)


Tel: 2684 3253
Email: samuel.dubbelman@lts.edu


Ph.D., Boston University, USA, 2022.
S.T.M., Boston University, USA, 2017.
M.A., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, USA, 2015.
A.A., University of the Nations, USA, 2011.
A.A., Wake Technical Community College, USA, 2007.



Assistant Professor, Lutheran Theological Seminary, 2022-.
Adjunct Professor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, USA, 2021.


Selected Publications:

“Martin Luther and the Apophatic Tradition,” in Oxford Handbook of Apophatic Theology, ed. Rik van Nieuwenhove and John Betz (Oxford: Oxford University Press, in progress).

“Jean Gerson’s Annotatio and the Contours of Mystical Theology,” in Mystical Theology and Platonism in the Time of Cusanus, ed. Jason Aleksander, et al. (Leiden: Brill, in progress).

“I Know that I Do Not Know: Nicholas of Cusa’s Augustine,” in Harvard Theological Review 113 (2020): 460-482.

“Martin Luther’s Jewish Assassin,” in Lutheran Quarterly 34 (2020): 249-267.

“Faith from Hearing in Luther’s Sermons on the Visitation,” in Lutheran Quarterly 33 (2019): 276-86.

“The Darkness of Faith: A Study in Martin Luther’s 1535 Galatians Commentary,” in Trinity Journal 37 (2017): 213-232.