Administrative Staffs

President (Dean of Studies):Rev. Dr. Tsang, Ho-yin Kenneth
Dean of Advanced Studies:Rev. Dr. Ho, Sin-pan
Dean of Counseling Studies and Ministry:Dr. Lam, Suet-man Angel
Chaplain:Rev. Chiu, Wai-tak Michelle
Assistant Chaplain:Ms. Chow, Yue-kam Piano
Assistant Coordinator of Mekong Ministry:Ms. Bok, Hellen
Registrar:Ms. Wong, Pui-yu Queenie
Administrative Officer:Mr. Fung, Kam-wing Bon
Information and Communication Technology Officer:Mr. Wong, Wai-ming Kelvin
Development Officer:Ms. Lam, Pui-fan Phyllis
Secretary (Personnel and Administrative)  :Ms. Lee, Kam-lam Lorna
Secretary (President's Office)  :Ms. Siu, Siu-wan Katherine
Assistant to the President (Project Management) :Elder Ma, Kit-chi
Executive Secretary (Christian Counseling Ministry):Ms Chan, Lai-kwan Julia
Accounting Secretary I:Mr. Tam, Ho-yeung Benjamin
Administrative Assistant I (G&R):Ms. Lau, Chung-shan
Administrative Assistant I (G&TEE):Mr. Li, Yuk-shing Jim
Administrative Assistant II (G&R):Ms. Wong, Nga-yi Minnie
Administrative Assistant II (ICT):Mr. Chang, Ka-hang Jeff
Administrative Assistant II (G&D):Ms. Tang, Man-yu Mandy
Head Librarian:Mr. Tang, Sui-tung
Assistant Librarian:Mr. Sin, Tsz-lun Roy
Library Assistant II:Mr. Wong, Chi-sun Nathan

Companion LeShalom Centre

Director :Dr. Lam, Suet-man Angel
Officer:Ms. Wong, Sau-lin Natalie
Development Assistant II (Half Time):Ms. Leung, Sung-ying Christina
Administrative Assistant II (Half Time):Ms. Lee, So-yam Carol