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Welcome from Our President

Dear brothers and sisters, friends of LTS,


Welcome to the LTS website. May the Lord be with you!


By the grace of God, Lutheran Theological Seminary is approaching its 110th anniversary in 2023. Building on the foundation established by our forefathers, LTS is now committed to providing high-quality and internationally recognized theological education. We strive to nurture God’s faithful servants for the churches, Christian organizations, and communities.


If you are a Christian, whether a pastor or not, interested in studying theology, you can find here various programs designed for different goals. For example, we have training courses in pastoral work, Christian leadership and Christian counseling, pastoral enhancement programs, advanced studies in a wide variety of fields, and so on. You may even feel overwhelmed with the choices at the beginning. However, to serve in the present context of great diversity, we need different theological training for particular purposes. If you want to talk to us about your study ideas, you are always welcome to contact us.


If you are LTS partners, donors, alumni, and friends, thank you for your care and support. You are important to us. The photos, videos, and information on this site will be frequently updated. We understand that this should facilitate you in continuing to support LTS. Thank you very much again.


Finally, if you are teachers, students, colleagues, and alumni of LTS, I hope you can also find helpful information on this site. Moreover, I invite you to contribute to the abundant resources of this website. Indeed, your commitment and participation in the LTS family, recorded in words, photos, and videos, will enrich the content of our website.


The Lutheran Theological Seminary is both an educational institution and a family. Although still imperfect, God will complement with His grace. On behalf of LTS, I sincerely invite you to walk with us, experiencing each moment God grants us. Let’s learn, grow, and discover the goodness of God together!


Kenneth Tsang

President of Lutheran Theological Seminary

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