Pastoral Theology

[version 2023.05]


PT1004 Introduction to Pastoral Ministry

This course is designed to help learners deepen in their commitment and clarify their callings. Its aim is achieved, though remaining on the level of introduction, when learners understand the significance of being called into the ministry, its blessings and challenges in church and society. Thus, be motivated to serve with their best strength.


PT2000 Theology of Ministry

This course is about theological foundations for ministry. Different Christian traditions are taken into consideration.


PT2001 Church Growth and Church Planting

This course investigates church planting and church growth from a biblical, theological, and a practical, contextual point of view, in order to equip the students to formulate appropriate and healthy strategies and action plans for church growth and church planting.


PT2003/MC2000 Evangelism

This course explores evangelism from a biblical, historical, and contemporary social science point of view and discusses contemporary methods of evangelism in this light.


PT2016/WL2001 Liturgy and Pastoral Care

See WL2001.


PT2052/CP2017 Personal Growth

See CP2017.


PT2062/SW2027 Spirituality Workshop and Silent Retreat

See SW2027.


PT3000 Pastoral Ministry and Ethics

This course explores the whole congregational ministry, both from the point of view of the congregation and the minister. The emphasis is on theological ethical questions.


PT3002 Stewardship

This course is about the theology and practice of Christian stewardship, as seen from an individual, congregational, and global point of view.


PT3003 Church Administration and Christian Leadership

This course aims to introduce the basics of organizational dynamics in a congregation. It also studies modern trends of congregational development and concepts of church administration. It shows leadership models and objectives for church leadership in order to assist students to find their way to pastor a church and commit themselves to serve in the Kingdom of God.


PT3004/MC3007 Ministry and Mission at the Working Place

See MC3007.


PT3006/MC3001 Urban Mission

See MC3001.


PT3007/NT3001/RC3000 Discipleship in the New Testament

See NT3001.


PT3010/MC3009 Cultural Exploration and Mission

See MC3009.


PT3028/CE3008 Congregational Education

See CE3008.


PT3041 Collegiality and Servant Leadership (4 credits)

The word ‘collegiality’ is derived from the Latin word ‘collegium,’ meaning partnership or association. This course is designed to enhance students’ ability to nurture collaboration among various parties in their churches, for the betterment of carrying out the mission. Moreover, this course helps students reflect on their leadership style in relation to servant leadership.