Bachelor of Christian Studies

Graduation Credits 120 │ 3-9 years
can be completed by taking courses solely in the evening and Saturday

Program Goals

The Bachelor of Christian Studies degree program provides a foundational theological training program for lay leaders. After completion, the student will:

  • Grow in spiritual depth and moral integrity;
  • Acquire a comprehensive knowledge in biblical, theological and ministerial training;
  • Develop skills for effective ministry and corporate leadership.


Admission Requirements

  • Six years of secondary school studies or equivalent; and
  • Baptized Christian; and
  • Evidence of the commitment and qualities desired for Christian service; and
  • Proof of the academic ability to engage in theological study.

(Applicant who completed five years of secondary school studies may be admitted to the program with the requirement of taking an extra 18 credits, the additional credits may also be exempted by other recognized academic study or working experience.)


Further Study

A Bachelor of Christian Studies degree holder can continue to study for the Bachelor of Theology / Master of Divinity programs at LTS and credits can be exempted.

Program Content

(course credits in brackets)


i) Biblical Theology

Core Courses

 OT1000 Introduction to the Old Testament (3)

 NT1000 Introduction to the New Testament (3)

Guided Electives

 1 course on OT (3)

 1 course on NT (3)

Electives (5 courses) (15)


ii) Systematic Theology

Core Courses

 CT1000 Introduction to Christian Ethics (3)

 DM2009 Dogmatics (Module A) (3)

Guided Electives

 1 course on CH/HT (3)

Electives (6 courses) (18)


iii) Practical Theology

Core Courses

 1 course on LD (3)

 1 course on CP (3)

 1 course on DK (3)

 1 course on CE (3)

 1 course on SW (3)

 1 course on WL (3)

 1 course on MC (3)

Electives (4 courses) (12)


iv) Academic and Integrated Studies

Core Courses

 IS1000 Workshop on Academic Writing (1)

 IS4003 Integrative Seminar (2)


v) Free Electives

10 courses (30)