‧  LTS Face to Face Classes Suspension Extends to March 15 (2020.02.25)
‧  President of HKMLC Rev. Leung Yat Man's father funeral service
‧  Seminary Bus Notice(2020-02-17 ~ 2020-02-29)
‧  Arrangement of Online Morning Devotion during Class Suspension (2020.02.05)
‧   Ordination Service for alumni Mr. Chow Chong Kuen (update)
‧  Updated news related to 2020 Seminar on Commitment
‧  Arrangement of Day School E-learning during Class Suspension (2020.01.31)
‧  Guidelines on Personal Prevention of Severe Respiratory Disease Associated with 2019-nCoV (1/2/2020)
‧  LTS Emergency Measures for Novel Coronavirus Infection (27.1.2020): All classes in Day School and TEE programs are suspended until February 16
‧  Ordination Service for alumna Ms. Ho May Bo, Mable (update)
‧  17th Rev. Daniel Wong Lecture on Pastoralia on Pastoral Ministry
‧  The Enrollment for TEE Counseling Diploma Program (2020-2022)
‧  TEE 2019-2020 Term 3 Courses
‧  2020 Spring Spiritual Day Retreat
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